Treating Thyroid with Acupressure Therapy


A thyroid imbalances are typically disorders of thyroid gland and these disorders can be root cause of many different health related issues such as gaining weight, stress, anxiety, tiredness, and loss of hair, skin problems and other imbalances. Thyroid hormones are responsible for regulating all the different organs and systems of our body and it directly effects our metabolism. Imbalances of thyroid would make your systems work under or over actively and may cause varied problems. Different types of thyroid conditions can occur and their treatment is to get the flow of energy at a maintained equilibrium for thyroid gland. Acupressure therapy is one of the most popular and effective healing practice and it plays a vital role in treatment of thyroid.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure therapy is there for more than 5000 years from now. This practice is based on energy theory that describes 14 different energy pathways called chi-pathways. These pathways have proved to influence different body parts and functions thus affecting your overall health. Acupressure originated in Europe and is linked with Asian culture. A variety of theories related to acupressure have been documented that have proved helpful in studying and relieving various medical problems. Thus it has widen the spectrum of medicines’ field. Studies have revealed that acupressure practice has proved helpful in treatment of many different diseases. With this therapy, one can effectively heal early thyroid diseases too.

How does Acupressure work?

Acupressure works with the use of fingers, elbows, palms and feet. There also exists some special devices that are used for application of pressure at various points of energy in a human body. This therapy may also involve light massage and stretching along with other similar steps. An acupressure therapy session is usually of an hour. However, in order to get measurable outcomes with any medical problem; you may need to go through several acupressure sessions.

An acupressure practitioner works on acupressure points of your body depending upon your problem. Pressure is applied gently on those points to relieve pain and other problems. This therapy can be practiced on a comfortable massage chair or massage table. Client would be fully clothed during this therapy.

As origins of this therapy is from Chinese medicine, acupressure also works on enforcing positive energy (yang) within your body to fight against negative energy (yin). Although there are contradictions too by some western practitioners. They believe that there is no such thing as an external vital energy that may be transmitted during this therapy but it is more of a natural pain relieving technique that is attributed to releasing muscle tension and improving circulation.

Acupressure techniques for treating thyroid:

Acupressure gives you benefit that you can detect as well as cure thyroid problem. Common symptom of thyroid problem is tenderness or pain. Two different techniques can be used to solve this and other medical problems. One method is reinforcing or straight pressing approach while the other is reducing or dispersing approach. The first one concentrates energy around the area to be pressed while the later one disperses or releases energy from that area of contact. Both the methods are used to make energy move consecutively in order to help in balancing energy.
Following are some methods of gaining the balance of energy back for your thyroid gland with acupressure technique:

  • One important point of acupressure is the center of your eyes. This point is important for thyroid problem as it stimulates pituitary function. This thyroid point is termed as Third Eye or GV24.5 and this high pressure point is really important for thyroid treatment with acupressure. Close your eyes and while taking deep breaths, apply firm pressure at this point. Continue doing so for two minutes.
  • Other two important points are located at the back of your neck. These are located right above the vertebra where a bump is formed as you turn your head and are termed as B10. Search for a tender place at that area and press, hold and massage these points to improve flow of energy by releasing excess of it.You can even massage these points in a circulatory motion.
  • K 27 is an essential point for thyroid problem. It is located on the chest. Press these points for around 8 to 10 times and repeat doing so for around 2-3 times each day. This acupressure point is not only effective for solving thyroid problem but also works well for backache, sore throat, breathing problems and chest pains.
  • One point near your big toe can also be pressed for thyroid problem. Use your fingers and press the point for around two minutes. Another method can be use of a massage ball and moving your feet over it. This activity would not only treat thyroid but as your feet has many pressure points; it would relieve and help with other ailments too.

Important Note: Symptoms of thyroid are quite similar to other medical conditions and thus diagnoses is a bit difficult. Thus along with acupressure therapy, some medical help should be considered in order to avoid any serious issues. Acupressure involves pressing of pressure points but it should not be painful. If you are experiencing any pain during pressing, you must consult a doctor. If your body has some painful lumps or any serious skin sensitivity issues, you should consult a physician in order to make sure that there are no risks for you with acupressure.Special care needs to be taken during pregnancy. There are certain acupressure points that can induce uterine contractions and may cause a medical emergency. For any situations where you are not sure of acupressure therapy, avoid taking risk.


Active and positive changes in your lifestyle can help you deal better with thyroid disorders. Use of acupressure therapy is one aspect of positively balancing energy and stimulating gland of thyroid. With a proper therapy, you will be able to restore gland and improve flow of energy. Although acupressure has positive effects on thyroid treatment but it could not be served as a replacement for medical advice and treatment. You can use acupressure therapy in combination with medication to enhance the effects. Self-treatment through acupressure can be done to relieve minor/moderate symptoms and you can find instant relief too.

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