Vibration Massage: its Positive Effects on Mind, Body, and Well-being

vibration massage contraindications

Vibration massage (sometimes called vibro massage) plays a relatively common and very effective role in the field of massage therapy. It is generally performed by professional massage therapists, often with the aid of various electronic tools and devices. Vibration massage therapy can focus on a particular part of the body or be employed in a full-body massage. Fitness freaks use vibration massage therapy as part of their daily routine—it improves muscle health and promotes flexible movement. Vibration massage brings strength and balance to muscles while relaxing both body and mind.

Benefits of Vibration Massage

Vibration massage therapy not only improves muscle strength, maintains body fitness, and reduces stress but also acts as an effective component in the treatment of many chronic diseases and health conditions. Let’s take a  look look at some of those benefits.

Complete relaxation of body and mind

Vibration massage techniques relax your muscles and reduce tension. Vibration massage is also a wonderful therapy for reducing psychological stress thanks to the proven effect it has on the production of serotonin, the body’s so-called happiness hormone.

Improves muscle strength and mass!

Vibration massage therapy with the aid of an electrically powered vibration plate massage machine works on different muscle groups around your body. The machine vibration forces muscles to tense up and relax much faster than they naturally would. This makes your muscles more active and enables so-called “motor points” to maintain contraction and thereby preserve or restore muscle mass. This is particularly useful for rehabilitating muscles grown weak after extended periods of disuse due to illness or injury. Often used on injured athletes and sportspeople, routine vibration massage can strengthen and increase muscle mass and speed up recovery time.

Improves blood flow

Apart from improving blood flow, vibrational massage therapy encourages the production of red and white blood cells. Enhanced blood circulation improves the metabolic system and makes you feel fitter.

Reduces pain

Vibrational massage therapy reduces pain without the need for medication. Even chronic pain conditions can be treated by vibration massage as it numbs the paining area and helps the muscle in the affected area to relax. It is especially effective at reducing pain brought on by exercise. Vibration massage applied either before or after your exercise session has been shown to result in reduced pain and speedier recovery.

Promotes weight loss

Burning off fat and reducing weight is another benefit claimed for vibrational massage therapy. For this to occur, a whole-body massage is necessary, standing or lying on the vibrating plate of a massage machine. Proponents say three 15-minute sessions a week is enough to burn calories and noticeably reduce weight. Although this may be so, there’s still some debate as to whether full-body vibration is as beneficial as regular exercise. Moreover, whole-body vibration massage should be avoided if you are pregnant or have certain health conditions. So, if in doubt, be sure to consult your doctor.

Body shaping and skin smoothing

All the positive effects of vibrational massage therapy we discussed earlier combine to give you a better-shaped body. Not only does vibro massage tone your muscles but—as we’ve heard—it also burns fat. It reduces pain in painful places and in so doing contributes to correcting your body shape and posture. Vibro massage—in combination, of course, with a healthy diet—will get you fitter.  You’ll also witness a marked improvement in the smoothness and tone of your skin.

Vibrational Massage as a Treatment for Chronic Illness

Vibrational massage also benefits people suffering from chronic health conditions such as these:

  • Osteoporosis – Disease of bones where your bones become fragile and can easily break.
  • Rheumatism & Arthritis – Disease or condition causing extreme pain and stiffness in joints and the surrounding muscles or tissues.
  • Depression – People may even lose their consciousness and experience extreme stress.
  • Impaired lymph drainage – Affecting immunity and detoxification
  • Chronic injuries and pain.

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How Vibrational Massage Works

Various frequencies of vibration are applied to different parts of the body depending on the health conditions being treated. Vibrations can be applied manually by a massage therapist or via a massage machine. The frequency, strength, and direction of the massage depends on the condition under treatment.

Vibration Massage Machine

Vibration massage machines vibrate in different directions and at different frequencies. Some machine vibrations travel up and down, others side to side. Some machines have programs that work on specific muscle groups and offer stimulating vibration.

Vibration Massage Therapy Warning

You should not use vibration massage therapy to treat certain illnesses, conditions, injuries, and types of pain. Vibration wrongly applied can be extremely dangerous. It can worsen rather than improve the condition. And in some cases can prove fatal. Vibration massage should not be used on clients with the following conditions:

  • Lumbar injuries
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Advanced diabetes
  • Chronic back pains or injuries
  • Under medication that thins the blood


Building bones, strengthening muscles, reducing stress and pain, improving posture, and enhancing circulation. These are some and the many benefits of vibrational massage therapy. The treatment keeps your body trim, fit, and healthy. You’ll not only look younger but feel it as well! Vibrational massage therapy could become a valuable addition to your daily routine. But, before you sign up, consult your doctor. It’s wise to make sure your health will allow you to enjoy vibrational massage in complete safety.

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