Ways for massaging strained nerves


Massage therapies have been proved beneficial for people suffering from different diseases. Not only these therapies are harmless natural treatments but it also helps in soothing and reducing symptoms of diseases. One such chronic pain is a symptom of strained or damaged nerve. A strained or damaged nerve can be because of different reasons including:

  • Nerve compressed
  • Any knot
  • Tensed muscles
  • Displaced disk
  • Any issues around spinal column
  • Pulled muscle etc.

Common Problem areas for a nerve pain are usually lower back, wrists, spine or neck. However a strained nerve or any damage related to nerve can happen anywhere around your body. A strained nerve would give you chronic pains, weakness of muscles and numbness around that area. A slight pain of strained nerve can get chronic and condition may become worse if you overuse that area or do not take proper care.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Strained Nerve:

An effective massage technique when followed in a proper routine would not only give you substantial reduction in pain but would also help in relaxing muscles and tissues in the surrounding area and underneath. A massage therapy applied on area that is affected would give you following benefits:

  • Reduced pain.
  • Relaxed muscles and tissues.
  • Improved circulation of blood.
  • Improved flow of endorphins (hormones that make you feel better if not good).

Dealing with a Strained Nerve:

The first and foremost step towards dealing with a strained nerve is to avoid overuse of that area whether is it any part of your body. Best thing is to take rest and avoid heavy lifting and more movements with that area. Excessive stress over that part may worsen the condition. Bed rest for some additional hours and take excessive sleep in order to make that injury stable. Other methods that can soothe the pain of a strained nerve is to wear a brace that could give your muscles support as you do your routine work with a strained nerve. Use of ice and heat packs may also help in reducing inflammation and pain and would improve circulation around that area.

Massage Therapies for Strained Nerves:

Massage is one of the finest ways of dealing with strained nerve. Following are some tips to make the massage therapy most effective for treatment of a strained nerve.

  • Massage therapy for a strained nerve should be focused on the area that is affected and technique should be applied in a way that would soothe that area by reducing swelling and pains.
  • Deep pressure can be applied in the surrounding area will release tensed muscles around the injury.
  • Overall pressure throughout the massage therapy for a pinched nerve should mild.
  • Massage should not be overdone. A therapy of 20 to 30 minutes should be enough for a pinched nerve.
  • After the massage session, it is important to stretch your body to further strengthen the effects.
  • Make sure you do not overstress or overwork the pinched nerve especially after massage session.
  • It is recommended that massage therapist should use some warm oil especially sesame oil that is considered beneficial for treating nerve strain. However use of oils may depend upon individual conditions and preferences.
  • Drink a lot of water in order to get rid of toxins that would be released as a result of massage therapy.
  • Relaxation will exceed if a hot bath is taken before massage therapy.
  • Special care must be taken when massage is performed on pregnant women as overdoing pressure might cause pelvic contractions.
  • Before planning any therapy or even before visiting a massage therapist, it is important to consult with your doctor and he will be able to recommend if therapy would help with your condition.
  • Symptoms, factors and treatments of strained nerves can be better explained by your health care consultant so before beginning any massage consult doctor.
  • Make sure that the massage therapist you are visiting is an experienced and qualified professional. Any inexperienced person can cause serious damage to your nerves and condition.
  • Make sure you follow a regular routine of massage therapies until the pain is all gone. Reassessment and follow-up visits are important if the condition is not completely cured.

Things to Follow Post Massage Therapy:

  • After massage therapy, it is best to rub an ice over the affected area and this icing would further relax the affected points.
  • It is important to take care of intensity of this massage for pinched nerve with people suffering from other ailments.

Self-Massage Technique for Strained Nerve:

It is not compulsory to visit a massage therapist for reducing pain and inflammation because of a strained nerve. Certain techniques for self-massage can be great help in relieving tensed muscles and for reduction of pain. Focus on the area that is affected and with the use of your fingers, gently knead the area to improve circulation of blood and for relieving tension around muscles and tissues. This gentle kneading may help your strained nerve to heal. However for a perfectly relaxing therapy or if the condition or pain is severe it is best to visit a therapist with consultation of your doctor. You can even opt for a full body massage and tell your therapist about affected area. This way you will be able to relieve all your muscles including the area that is affected.


Remember that massage therapy for a strained nerve should only be mild. Some firm strokes may be applied in the surrounding area depending upon condition. Avoid overdoing the pressure or overstressing the area. Follow guidelines of your physician and therapist. Strained nerve may take some days to heal however a regular routine of massage therapy would improve your condition in some hours.

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