Wellness or Medical Massage: Which type of therapy is right for you


When we talk about the profession of massage, the field is quite diverse with all the different types of therapies found within this services’ frame. Many of us are still not sure which massage therapy we should opt for. Until you don’t know much about these different massage therapies, you cannot make a choice among these. Most of the people often are seen confused between a medical and a wellness massage therapy. There are clear and reasonable differences between two and thus it is important to understand each of these divergent types so you can make a productive choice between the two depending upon your conditions.

What is Wellness Massage?

Wellness as the term suggests is a massage therapy that is all about relieving stress and relaxing your body and mind. These wellness massage therapies however can be a complete body treatment or the therapist may be asked to focus on a specific area to unwind and loosen only that particular part of your body. For example, you can get treatment for your lower back, upper back, neck and any other trouble area specifically. This category of therapies may include full body Swedish massage, myofascial or a deep tissue massage. This massage therapy can cleanse and help in detoxification of your body and thus offers varied health benefits too.

What is Medical Massage?

Medical massage is a system for manual therapy that is scientifically designed to give treatment for pains and tensed tissues. Usually this kind of massage therapy involves treatment of upper extreme and lower extreme parts of your body. In many cases, patients come with medical massage covered under their insurance. A medical prescription for massage is needed by a physician where your physician will be highlighting specific problem areas for treatment. Your condition is first diagnosed and then a treatment is provided for improvement of condition.Massage therapists offering a good clinical massage are aware of most of the ins and outs of regulations related to a medical massage. When you suffer from an insured injury such as an auto accident that is insured; you just needs to focus on getting better and no need to worry about your clinical massage bills.

Similarities between Wellness Massage and Medical Massage:

Both these two types of massage are actually different in their functional perspective but when both of these therapies are related to overall wellness of a client or patient. There is a fine line of difference between the two that medical massage is more focused towards a specific problem or injury whereas a wellness massage is completely therapeutic in nature and works for relieving stress. There is no difference in importance of each of these therapies but choosing one would particularly depend upon your condition and need. Moreover all types of massage modalities can be practiced by both a wellness therapist and a clinical massage therapist.

Difference between Wellness Massage and Medical Massage:


A wellness massage and clinical massage both involves relaxing your client however the focus is different in either cases. With a wellness therapy, therapist works to satisfy and relax client and often there are no medical issues as such. Although medical massage on the other hand is entirely based on treating a medical problem and thus therapist needs to scientifically solve that problem. The differences that we have elaborated must have clarified these two different massage services. Technique is either nurturing/creative or it is more of a fixing approach in case of wellness or clinical massage respectively.

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