What is the Best Portable Massage Chair?

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In the stressful world we have today, getting a massage is not merely just a fad for some. People who are going through different stressful situations, physical therapy such as massage can be of great help.

But what if you do not have enough time to visit a spa and massage clinic because of the very hectic schedule you have? Well, you should not worry that much because you can still get a relaxing massage right in the comfort of your home. Thanks to the excellent massage chairs available in the market today.

Among the commonly used massage chair today is the portable massage chair. It helps the massage therapists to provide affordable, convenient and effective massage services to his clients.

For all those professional massage therapists who are really serious about their jobs and wish to travel and visit clients for demonstrating and for giving out massage therapies, a portable massage chair is the perfect solution. Designed for portability as the name suggests, you can easily carry these chairs along with you at any time and at any place. These chairs differ from traditional and automatic massage chairs in terms of their portability and convenience of use, travel and storage. While these chairs offer you convenience and comfort of use, this doesn’t mean that you may need to compromise on the accessories that you find with other massage chairs and tables. They are inclusive of everything that a massage chair or table can offer you.

5 Portable Massage Chairs: Top Picks


Massage Chairs vs Portable Massage Chairs:

A complete massage is related to focusing on all parts of your body including neck, shoulder, hands, arms, legs and elsewhere. Massage therapists make use of varied tools to give your body a complete massage. A traditional massage chair is one of the best options that can be used for an on-site massage however if therapist needs to give massage in varied environments outside their own office or even within, a portable massage chair is the best solution for them.


Massage can be performed at any location because of ease of transfer.

Massage can be performed at a location where chair is placed and it is usually difficult to transfer.

Apart from professional or home settings, these chairs can be easily used at events, conferences, trade shows, malls and elsewhere.

It can be used in a professional or home setting.

Therapist can give a customized therapy depending upon client’s needs. Thus these therapies turn out to be more relaxing for an individual.

Auto massage chairs are pre-programmed and thus cannot assess a client’s condition and make decisions accordingly.

Massage therapist can work on diversified spots on a client’s body.

Massage chairs work well on specified points around your body.

Massage therapist can work on diversified spots on a client’s body.

Massage chairs are designed with preset duration of sessions.

Massage therapist can work on diversified spots on a client’s body.

Difficult to store.

Carrying case included.

Not applicable.

Easy to Clean and Maintain.

Comparatively difficult to Clean and Maintain.

Low Purchase Cost.



When you look for a best portable massage chair, you will find a number of different options available offering varied features and settings to make massage as comfortable as possible for therapist as well as client. But before you make a choice, it is important to have a look at some basic features that are a plus to have:

  • Quality and Capacity: First thing that is most important is to consider quality when it comes to massage chair or any other wellness or fitness equipment. You should opt for something that has a strong and robust construction so that you can use this chair to support massage therapy of clients of different weight and sizes. No matter who you are supporting for massage, this chair should be capable of handling body weight with complete comfort. Prefer the chair that offers maximum user weight capacity.
  • Weight of the Chair: Thus as the name suggests, you are looking for something really portable that could be carried around. Such chairs are often under consideration by therapists who will be travelling or moving their chair a lot. Thus if you opt for a 50-60 pound heavy chair, you are wasting your hard earned money. Look for something that is lighter in weight yet sturdy.
  • Assembly: These chairs have folding design and thus you can set them up at any place. So before buying one, you should check assembly instructions of your chair. Check if it would need some minor installations and make sure deployment is simple and quick.
  • Simple to Clean: Cleaning and hygiene is super important for wellness industry. No one would ever wish to climb up on a chair that has residues or marks. So make sure you consider buying a chair that has a material which is super easy to clean. This is important because therapist would be using lotions, creams and oils and so a chair that could be cleaned with little bit of water would be ideal choice.
  • Adjustable Features: Many of the massage chairs today include features that are adjustable such as height, seat, arm rest, head rest, leg support, chest pad etc. For a more comfortable experience for you and your client, these adjustable features are essential consideration when buying a chair. With adjustable features you will be able to give your client a complete body massage that would relax his upper body, lower body and even his tired feet with a relaxing reflexology therapy.
  • Price: Budget is for sure important. A good quality chairs can be easily found in a lower price range however it would be best to find a mix of reasonable price along with quality and features for a good experience of massage at both ends.
  • Warranty: Many manufacturers of these chairs offer some warranty for varied parts of the equipment. Warranty period and terms would differ between one product and another so before buying make sure you check these warranty terms of your selected chair. 

Top 8 Portable Massage Chairs Reviews 2018:



A number of different brands and models of portable chairs are available and here are our top 3 recommendations:

1. Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Package

Earthlite Massage chair is one of the best portable massage chairs if you are looking for something portable yet comfortable. This chair is simple to use and is designed with comfortable cushions that gives customers a relaxing experience during massage therapy. It is really light weight yet it is super strong designed with aircraft aluminum frame design and innovative oval tube. The overall weight of the chair is only 15 pounds but it offers a weight capacity of 300 pounds so it could easily take care of different clients.

This product includes a protective carrying case along with a sternum pad. You can choose a color that you prefer as it gives you options of 7 different colors. Material of the chair is such that it is easy to clean and dry off thus maintenance would not be a problem.


  • Expert and innovative design and engineering.

  • Cushions for comfort.

  • Extremely light weight.

  • Protective case included for ease of carrying.

  • Simple maintenance.

  • Weight capacity 300 pounds.

  • 2 years limited lifetime construction warranty and 2 years for cushions.


  • Some customers said that the directions mentioned on the chair were confusing and they found some parts not functioning properly for setup. So make sure you buy from a reliable source.

2. Portable Massage Chair Comfort 4″

Another impressive choice in the field of light weight massage chairs is the Portable Comfort 4″ Thick Foam. Designed for a comfort for both therapist and his client offering ease of giving a massage without straining much of your body muscles. With its folding down design and free carrying case, you will find transport much easier. It’s beautiful burgundy design and sturdy material gives it a differentiated look yet durability.

The material is easy to clean, you just need to take a damp cloth and it will be cleaned comfortably. With a user holding capacity of 300 pounds, you can easily bring in any client for massage therapy. Moreover it features adjustable head rest, seat and hand rest so you can make the chair comfortable for yourself and your client. Highly cost-effective and offers more value than its price.


  • Ultra Soft PU Surface and appealing design.

  • Simple to clean and maintain.

  • Sturdy construction.

  • Fold down design for ease of storage.

  • Carrying case makes travelling with it easier.

  • Overall weight capacity of 300 pounds is good enough to accommodate different people.

  • Adjustable seat, hand and head rest feature.


  • This portable massage chair reviews suggests that users found instructions for assembly of this chair asincomplete information and thus difficult to understand the process of set up. Set up process can be checked online too.

3. Master Massage Bedford

The Master Massage Bedford Portable massage chair is made with an aircraft aluminum frame and wrapped with a maroon fabric. Its upholstery includes a No-Mar finished frame. It is designed with a durable case built with an ergonomic shoulder strip making this massage chair more comfortable to use.

Bedford Portable massages chair measures 39 by 14 by 11 inches. It only weighs 22 pounds but it can support as much as 500 pounds. It features a comfortable stratum of exclusively fashionable diminutive foam coverings with entirely cushioned surfaces. The cushioned surfaces can also be properly adjusted according to user’s preference.

With the wide selections of brands that are included in many massage chair reviews, Bedford Portable massages chair is considered the leading massage chair brand available in the market today. It features a variable face support that is cushioned with soft and comfy pillow making this massage chair brand among the users’ top choice.

Bedford Portable massages chair is just among the safest as well as the most durable, fashionable and excellently built massage chair from the innovative collection of Master. For as low as under $150 (with free shipping deal), you can already get your own unit of this high end portable massages chair.

4. Master Massage Professional

Another great professional massage chair that is worth investing for is the Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair. It is among the best portable massage chairs available in the mainstream market today because of its outstanding specifications. It is made to be sturdy and is padded to offer extra comfortThis massage chair is so handy and lightweight, with merely 16.5 pounds total heaviness, but is capable of supporting up to 1,200 pounds.

The product attracts a variety of both professional and apprentice massage therapists because it is designed not only for the comfort of the clients but for the therapists as well. It features a face support with pillow that can easily be adjusted into six various ways to cater the different personal therapeutic requirements of various clients.

This professional portable massage chair is made with an aircraft aluminum frame and measures 43 by 20 by 11 inches. It has cushioned and fashionable diminutive cell foam coverings that are perfectly layered for added comfort.

It is a perfect chair to have for seasoned professional therapists as it has the ability to meet demands of the elite and high-end clients. It includes a wheeled transport case with a luggage style design, thus suits perfectly to traveling masseuse. It also has a session pocket where the client’s personal things like jewelries and eyeglasses can be kept.

5. Master Massage Apollo

Marked as the most comfortable massage chair available in the international market today, the Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair features the thickest and the largest cushions in the world of massage chairs. It is perfectly designed for massage therapists, both amateurs and professionals who are always on the go. It is very easy and safe to operate making it also perfect for massage therapy students who are still on the process of learning and for the general users as well.

The portable massage chair is made with a comfortable memory foam layered chest pad and cushioned exclusive tiny cell foam coverings. It is very lightweight with merely 18 pounds total weigh and measures 31 by 19 by 51 inches. It has the capability to support as much as 1,200 pounds. It comes with a portable wheeled case that is specially designed for easy transport. It likewise features adjustable face cradle that can be modified in 6 ways.

The chair is designed with sturdy aircraft aluminum frame. Each and every cushions found in the chair are wrapped with revolutionary long-lasting Rhino-Hide upholstery, the pioneering and the only one in its kind. Its upholstery is exclusively engineered to endure intense scratch from entirely dressed clients.

6. Stronglite Ergo Pro

Another comfortable and top of the line portable massage chair brand available in the market today is the Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair. This ultra-light professional massage chair has a working weight 600 pounds and a static weight of 1, 200 pounds, but weighs only 26lbs. It features quick and easy adjustments and is capable of accommodating different sizes of clients.

The portable massage chair is made of aluminum frame. It comes with sternum bolster pad and carrying case. It has a dimension of 42 by 12 by 12 inches. It is one among the most hard-wearing portable massage chair brands in the world. It can support different clients’ sizes and shapes.

You can avail of this professional portable massage chair for merely around over $300.00 with Free Shipping. Stronglite offers a LIFETIME limited warranty for every unit purchased.

7. Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package

Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package is known to be the most advanced portable massage chairs available in the world market today.It is designed ergonomically with ultra-compact features. It also includes an infinitely adjustable feature making this portable massage chair ultimately comfortable and easy to use.

The Earthlite Avila Chair is also designed with stainless steel clutches as well as with fortified chest clamp which provide incomparable steadiness and strength. The massage chair base is also designed for stability and durability. It has a working weight of 350 pounds. This sturdy massage chair package measures 38 by 24 by 56 inches and weighs only 25 pounds.

The product also features 3 quick levers that are optimized to fit users of various ages and sizes. It can support users from children to 350 pounds adults. The value package comes with a carry case, a chair, heavy duty nylon wheels and telescoping handle. It also includes sternum pad, instructional DVD and a portable pouch. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty for the massage chair construction and a two years warranty for the cushions.

8. Premium BestMassage Black 4″

The first recommendation that we will make for massage therapist when they ought to buy a perfect portable tool for massage is the one from BestMassage. In our recommendation with research and customer’s reviews, this chair is one of the best options for your business. Constructed from high quality Ultra Soft PU Surface, this chair is easy to maintain and clean. The material used can be easily and quickly wiped after each massage session. It features comfortable thick cushions to make your customers feel relaxed without anything pointing or pinching their body.

Moreover it features adjustable seat, head rest and hand rest. This chair has a user capacity of 300 pounds which is good enough for easy holding of client with varied body weight and structure. This chair includes a free carrying case that makes transport super simple. It comes in 5 different colors for you to choose from. Set up size of the chair is only 29″ L x 48″ H x 18″ Wso it would not be occupying much space in your setting.


  • High quality Ultra Soft PU surface.

  • Comfortable thick cushions.

  • Adjustable height, head and hands rest.

  • 300 pounds weight capacity.

  • Carrying case included.

  • 5 different colors to choose.

  • Easy to carry, use and store.


  • Set up may be a bit tricky according to other user’s reviews.

Why Portable Massage Chairs? Why should I choose to use a portable massage chair instead of the regular massage chair? You may ask. Using the massage chair can give you a lot of perks. It is a great way of getting a stress relieving massage without having to leave your home. It is very handy and it will not even require you to hire a massage therapist for you to be able to enjoy a head to toe relaxing massage. Among the pluses of using a portable massage chair is its ease of use and its comfort ability. Most of them are made of large and thick cushions to support all body types. These supporting structures are commonly adjustable to cater different comfort levels of different users. A portable massage chair is very handy. Unlike the typical massage chair which weighs much heavier, the portable massage chair are less weighted. In fact, it can easily be transferred from one place to another. It can likewise be transported anywhere without having to worry about heavy luggage. The portable massage chair is perfect for professional therapists and users who are always on the go. They are designed with a fold up feature making it easier to keep and carry wherever you go. The typical massage chairs, on the other hand, are mostly used in stationary location. They are more bulky as compared to the portable ones. Typical massage chair may need much space and keeping it can be a bit tedious while the portable chair can easily be fitted inside its case or in a bag and it needs merely a smaller space in your home. Another advantage of portable chair over the typical massage chair is its price. Typical massage chairs are generally more costly as compared with the cheaper portable massage chair. Using a portable massage chair does not merely offer comfort and massage. It likewise offers various health benefits to the users. Among the various massage chair health benefits includes improved physical health, improved sleep quality and improved proper blood circulation.

Benefits of using portable massage chair

A portable massage chair is the most appropriate choice in many situations. Here are some additional benefits that these portable chairs offer apart from all the health benefits of massage therapies.
  • These massage chairs are designed and manufactured for portability and thus a massage therapist can easily use it at any location.
  • Most suitable option for demonstrations, home massage visits, employee appreciation events, offices or corporate settings, mall, field and elsewhere.
  • Transporting these massage chairs is not an issue at all.
  • Easy to carry (folding design).
  • Easy to store (folding design).
  • Most of them are easy to set up on-site.
  • Many of these massage chairs have adjustable design so you can adjust it according to your height and client’s body.
  • Client doesn’t need to disrobe himself.
  • Ease of work for massage therapists as you don’t need to stress your body or work hard for reaching a client’s body for massage.
  • Some massage chairs allow space for therapists to sit and relax while giving a therapy.
  • Accessing all parts of your client’s body is much easier in comparison to using massage other massage chairs and tables.

How to get most out of benefits on your portable massage chair?

When you have a knowledge, skills and experience of being a professional massage therapist, you would already have a good and loyal client base. Above that if you purchase a portable chair, you are actually making an effort to reach out more of the clients in the market who may not have time to visit a spa or may not be comfortable with disrobing themselves and there could be other concerns. With a portable chair, you can maximize your massage therapy business in various ways.
  • You may step out of your clinic or wellness spa and actually visit some clients at their residences or offices to offer therapy in their own private place.
  • You can use fund raising events, trade shows, exhibitions and other similar places where a good crowd is expected to market yourself therapy by placing your portable massage chair. These places can be best place to market your massage and healing techniques.
  • As you will be placing this portable massage chair in public, just make sure that you select a proper model where client would feel completely comfortable and at ease.
  • Give customized therapies by making adjustments according to client in order to give your client an appealing experience.
Doing these techniques would not only help you in making more business out of your massage chair but you will end up attracting and gaining customers who will become your regular loyal clients. Conclusion For massage therapists, it is important to make sure that you are always there to give you clients only the best ever experience. It is important to elevate your level as a therapist continuously so that you can retain your clients. With proper tools and services, you can make your first time client to become your regular one and it is important to satisfy him/her on his each session with you as a therapist. Here is where a portable comfortable massage chair would help. Even if you are a great massage therapist with excellent relaxing techniques but the tools or chair that your client is seated on is not comfortable; massage is not going to show its relaxing effect. So understand the importance of these tools and make sure that you never make your client uncomfortable. Portable chairs would not only be comfortable for your clients but they are budget-friendly and easier to use, maintain and store. So why not opt for these wonderful equipment when both therapist and client can gain satisfaction.


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