Who should avoid Massage Therapies?


Massage therapies have proved to be beneficial for many illnesses related to aching body and stressed mind. With the use of different tools, many people have benefit from this interesting method and it is generally considered pretty safe provided it is done in a proper manner. However even with correct methods and tools used, massage techniques can backfire and may have adverse effect with people with some particular health conditions and disorders. The illnesses and diseases that can become worse with the use of massage therapy will be discussed here and for all those people who are suffering from below mentioned conditions, it is strictly important to talk to your doctor before arranging for a massage session.

Conditions when Massage should be avoided:

Massage is considered risky with certain medical conditions and the risk may be so intense that it could make your condition even serious. People suffering from certain conditions and diseases such as fractures/broken bones, burns, blood clotting, skin infection, skin rashes, cancer etc. must strictly avoid taking massage sessions without discussing with their doctor. Massage can result in side effects with these conditions.

  1. Burns: Studies have revealed that skin that has suffered any burns or with an open wound, any massage therapy over such body is not recommended. However the intensity of burn or wound may further be considered to make a decision whether massage therapy for other parts of the body other than area with burns or wound should be applied or not.
  2. Skin with Infections: With a client suffering from any skin infection, there is possibility that the infection may transmit from one place to other part in your body during a massage session. Such infections may include ringworm, herpes cold sores etc. There is also a possibility that these infections may even transmit to massage therapist.
  3. High Blood Pressure: A person suffering from high blood pressure has risk of blood clotting. Research says that this disease nowadays is pretty common even with youngsters. People suffering from high blood pressure risks the buildup of plaque in blood arteries. Massage therapy needs therapist to exert certain amount of pressure on body and thus in this health condition they can cause the plaque to break that results in releasing of blood clots in their body systems and parts. Usually the risk is not high but there is possibility of these blood clots travelling to sensitive areas of a human body such as brain or heart and that would intensify your condition further. Especially people who are suffering from deep vein thrombosis are at risk. These clients have clotting deep inside their veins and many of people may not even be aware of carrying this condition. Release of such blood clots is risky as they may travel towards lungs and damage them.
  4. Fever: Fever may appear a minor thing but it is recommended to avoid taking massage if you have fever as it could worsen or even your therapist can catch fever.
  5. Cancer: People who are suffering from a certain types of cancers should avoid taking any kind of massage therapy during any stage of their cancer treatment. The risk is further amplified with patients suffering from condition of cancer that has spread to their bones. Cancer patients who are undergoing or have gone through the treatment process of radiation or chemotherapy should strictly avoid massage therapies. For any type of cancer you carry, you should consult and take permission from your doctor for any therapy at all.
  6. Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is said that massage therapy proves beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and it gives improvement in their pains and condition. However there is a certain kind of arthritis known as Rheumatoid Arthritis where massage therapy should be avoided as it could step up your disease. In such conditions massage therapy would not prove comfortable and relaxing yet it would make your condition worse.

Always go to a Trained Therapist!

Massage therapy is not something that anyone can do. It needs knowledge and technique that comes with proper learning and training. It is extremely important that if you wish to get a massage, always go to a recommended and trained therapist with positive reviews from clients. A wrong untrained therapist may adopt bad massaging techniques, may exert too much pressure on your muscles and may manipulate your tissues in a manner that can make your condition worse. This worse condition can even result in a temporary nerve damage and the condition may become severely painful.


Massage therapy is a solution to many problems of pains and illness along with the use of medication. But therapies must not be applied in all conditions. It is important to have knowledge and know situations when massage therapy might contraindicate the situation. So if you suspect that your disease of health condition may become worse with a massage therapy, before opting for it consult your doctor or simply avoid it. Also avoid going to risky untrained professional who don’t know much about therapies are still claim to work well for relaxation and stress reduction with their therapies. Always be sure about a massage therapist and opt for one that has genuine positive reviews and is recommended by many.

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