Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800


Review Summary:

The Kahuna LM6800 is a massage chair designed with an impressive frame and structure with air bags placed through different parts of the chair along with two zero gravity positions. It is quite cost effective option among a lot of other brands and has some unmatched features and functions!

Consumers who are actually focused on buying a massage chair offering a zero gravity positioning along with other vital features for a relaxing session of massage, they get a wide range of options available in market and thus it becomes challenging to prefer one option over another. The Kahuna LM6800 is a zero gravity full body massage chair loaded with all those impressive features however the price tag makes it just the right purchase among all. This massage chair would be a comfortable solution when you desired to relieve your sore and tensed muscles of entire body each day. This massage chair is designed to reach all those common tricky and problem areas of human body.

 What makes this massage chair different?

Quality Construction and Design: Apart from that it’s elegant design and high quality construction makes it different from other competitors.

L-Track Rolling System: Another less common special feature is the L-track rollers system that offers support for your entire body starting from neck to your lower extreme parts. This 4 wheel roller system is the longest system for massage that identities position of spine and improves massaging effects beginning all the way from neck to back to your buttocks.

Body Scan Technology: This feature is now commonly found with many high quality chairs. Use of body scan technology detects your body structure and makes the chair intelligent enough to give you a customized therapy. So user don’t need to adjust if he is a little taller or shorter rather chair will automatically adjust itself according to user.

Air Massage Technology: The Kahuna Full Body Massage Chair includes a unique air massage technology. It differs from other chairs offering similar feature by limiting the number of airbags used. Reduced number of air bags used that are separately programmed to inflate and deflate actually improves the overall effect of massage therapy. It gives you a full body air massage along with special focus on some parts including hips, thighs, shoulders etc.

Special Shiatsu Massage Therapy: Apart from the air massage, you can enjoy a Shiatsu massage setting that gives you feeling similar to a deep human massage with the use of finger, thumbs and palms targeted to tensed muscles and underlying tissues.

Dual Foot Roller Massager: The feet area bottom of this chair includes 2 rollers that are designed to replicate a relaxing kneading therapy. The acupuncture points are focused and worked upon with these rollers along with inflation of airbags placed in that area to give you a much deeper and relaxing feet massage.

Heat Therapy for Calves and Back: This massage chair offers a relaxing heat therapy for your calves and lower back area. It works for dilating your blood vessels and improvement of blood circulation. This therapy not only promotes circulation of blood and flow of nutrients but also enhances the healing effect in case of damaged tissues.

Warranty: Similar to many high-end massage chairs, this one also comes with a 3 year limited warranty offering coverage for frame, parts as well as labor services. However it could not compete expensive chairs like Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair offering an extended warranty time frame.

User-Friendly Control Options:

Different programs and controls are easier to set and operate. This massage chair includes 4 automatic preset programs that can be set at your desired intensity level (chair has 3 intensity levels).Moreover you get 5 different programs targeted to various body parts including neck to waist, waist to lower back, lower back to buttock, buttock to mid back and neck to buttock.

Tips for getting most comfort and relaxation out of this model

Zero gravity is a position that enables you to have the most relaxing experience with the use of a massage chair. With this function, a massage chair places your body in a relaxing weight less state by spreading your weight all across giving your body a complete relieve. Not only it just offers zero gravity but it gives 2 true positions that gives user flexibility of use in most comfortable position that is not commonly found with other massage chairs falling in the same price range.

Yoga Stretch is another impressive program of this chair that offers your body a complete stretch for relaxing areas around your legs and pelvis. This program can be combined with other massage session and it gives your body some stretching along with a hip twist to get your body to detoxify and for immense relieve from stress. Using this program will make you feel lighter and relaxed. This twist feature simulates the stretching effect that you get from a professional massage therapist.

Easy of storage

This massage chair is designed with a space saving technology that makes it comparatively less space consuming massage chair even in reclined position. This chair offers a sliding reclining function so if you set it against a wall, it would only require 5 to 6 inches. This space saving feature makes it a superb choice massage chair for placement in your room. Not only it would consume less space in comparison to other massage chairs but its design and look would further complement your room.


  • 2 positions of zero gravity that places your body in a completely relaxing position for an effective massage.
  • Yoga stretching program combined with a massage session revitalizes your entire body.
  • Heat therapy focused on calves and lower back works wonders for relieving back aches and pains in surrounding area.
  • L-Track design support gives you individualized full body massage coverage.
  • Airbags and foot rollers combine to give you a spectacular foot massage.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Some of its programs are a bit noisy and thus you may be concerned about disturbing others when using those programs in a home or work environment.
  • Foot massage may be a bit intense as some users have reported however you can place some additional fabric in order to reduce the intensity of this therapy.

Massage chair is suitable for

Anyone who is suffering from stiff muscles around various parts of body can use this massage chair with different programs and features designed to give both a full body and a targeted massage. Body position is adjustable so even people with varied heights and weight can easily use this chair without much adjustment. Those with tensed back muscles or people looking for a deep feet massage should definitely prefer this machine.


Our verdict about Kahuna LM6800 is that it is a fairly priced model offering impressive relaxing features for a complete body massage. All the functions and features of this massage chair are easier to use and some special appealing features makes it the most preferred option among its competitors. Overall a durable product worth spending.

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